Fly of the Leaf.

So on the 25th of May, last week, I went to see two bands play at the 9:30 Club in DC. It’s a great venue and if you are anyone you stop by this place when you’re in the nation’s capitol. Flyleaf and 10 years. I had heard of both groups but I have never really seen either band live before. And they were rockin’. It was a very very loud show but the crowd was on point. They were eating up both bands alive and amidst all of the sweat pouring (by the fans and the bands) was a general commune of togetherness for music. 10 Years opened up for Flyleaf and they had so much energy. I didn’t know ANY one of their songs but I was completely and utterly distracted by the lead guitarist named Tater, who kept giving me the eye. I love it when guitarists give me the eye. He was cute too. The lead singer’s voice was beyond strong and I was very impressed. It was loud, heavy, and fast. 10 YEars were music to my own ears and I highly recommend them to you if you listen to rock music. I immediately downloaded both of their discs when I got home. They were stellar.

Flyleaf was absolutely amaaaazing. I knew they were a christian rock band, but it was so beyond my expectations of christian rock. They did just that. Rock. The lead singer, Lacey, jumped back and forth on stage, spinning around, and engaging the audience with her stares. She had so much energy, as did her band. The lead guitarist was just sick – jumping off platforms and landing, guitar in hand, and in tune EVERYTIME. Right into the second song, he was just dripping with sweat and it was like that the entire night. The bass player was just plain scary. He jumped up and down with the mane of hair the was rivaled only by Cousin It on the Adams Family. The crowd knew lyric for lyric – every break down and cheer. It was such a positive vibe to see. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Immmenseeeeely.

So thank you Flyleaf and 10 Years for a kick ass night. I am an official fan for life:-0 Woot woot!! And even though I was new to the scene and didn’t know the words I still headbanged my heart out. Well worth the headache in the morning.

And all had a good night.

My Dearest Janet Jackson…

Dear Janet,

You don’t know me. But I certainly know you. I’ve been a fan of yours since I was a knee high to a grasshoppa. And that’s young, because grasshoppers aren’t very tall at all and low to the ground. So you know I’ve been a fan since I can remember based on that little comparison. I wanted to talk to you for a minute. Just a quick minute. I won’t be long. But. As a loyal and devoted fan, I really wanted to discuss your career choices over the past say almost 9 years. Now, you know, I am a fan for life. I will always support you. But honey, lately, you’ve been making me grunt. And no, not grunt in a way that makes me want to smoke a cig after I’m done. No no no, but you’re making me frustrated. And the record labels you were signed to are annoying me as well. I feel I must share with you my reasoning behind my frustration.

Janet, you are the queen. You are the perfect combo of r&b and pop. Without you, there is no Britney, no Christina, not even a Jonas or a Justin Beiber Beaver. But the last few albums…I don’t know Jan. I think you need to go back to the drawing board. I know the deal. You want to still relate to people. You want to make the club bangers and get people on the dance floors. I get that. I want you to do that as well. But your producers you’ve worked with on the past say 3 cds….they need to go. They don’t know you Janet. You’re better than what I’ve been hearing. MUCH MUCH better. You deserve the best and I think you found the best with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. I don’t know why exactly you stopped working with them. But seriously, you need to go back and work with them. You all had the formula. And like you said in a Brenda Ross interview in 92 or 93 (I can’t remember)..”if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” You three have IT. That IT factor that made you who you are. And everytime I purchase an album, I look for their names. And I don’t find them. Poopie chicken. ¬†And I’m disappointed once again.

I am not knocking JD, or Kanye or Dallas Austin, etc. They are excellent producers in their own right. I really did enjoy Dallas Austin’s produced single “Just a Little While.” It was pretty dope. But these producers and the others I can’t remember at the present time don’t know you like the fans know you Janet – music wise. We know what’s good for you, and what’s good for you is JIMMY JAM AND TERRY LEWIS. I wish if you all had a squabble, that you are discuss it, handle it, and hug it out already. My ears are ready for you to go back to them and make the kick ass heavy percussion album that we’re ALL used to. I know you all probably have egos and such. But really can do it. I know you can.

Another thing that worries me…the interludes. Janet, I HATE these interruptions in between these songs. I don’t get it. I really don’t. For the amount of interludes you put on a cd, you can add 2 more songs to an album. And you keep doing this J. It’s gotta stop. You’re getting a little long in the teeth to moan and groan and cooo and oooh and aaaah. We get it. You’re sexy. And you are. No doubt about it. You don’t have to make those noises in a song. It takes away from the album totally. See J, it’s simple. Very simple. Plus it’s a pain on an ipod to import these songs..put it on shuffle…think you are going to hear a Janet Jackson song, and then BAM it’s only 30 seconds of your moaning and groaning. It’s beyond MADDENING JANET. Absolutely positively maddening. You don’t have to do this. Again, you’re better than that. Madonna doesn’t have to do this. Now she DOES have to work with other producers because she’s long in the teeth more than allllll of us. So she has to find producers that make hits. But Janet, you…ugh. You don’t have to do this sweetie. You don’t. We all love you. We will support you. But you need to listen to your fans.

One more thing. Tina Landon. Do you have ANY idea how happy we as fans were to see the two of you onstage again for your brother MJ’s tribute on MTV???? It brought a tear to my eye completely. And I love you even more for it. It was awesome. I always DID think you two made a cute couple even though I know I know there was nothing going on. Yes, you’re just an affectionate woman. And we know you love your fans. So LISTEN TO US. It would be nice to see you and Tina involved in another project together. That would be awesome and I’d be tickled pink. Not that I’d ACTUALLY turn pink but you get the gist. I know she’s working with Rihanna on her tour but really. I’d love to see it.

So in conclusion Ms. Janet. Three things: Jimmy and Terry, stop the interludes, and work with Tina. My life would be grand if you do at least one of these things. I can live with Gil and Marty working with you but if you had to pick one – PLEASE send Jimmy and Terry back to the grind again.

Big hugs, love, and Respect to you!!


Oh and P.S. – can you get Junior Vasquez to remix your whole catalog? I think I’d faint to that.

The Definition of a True Music Junkie.

So it has been brought to my attention at my job that I’m such a music junkie I should make a blogpage with my thoughts on music. Now many of you know I already have another blog – I still plan on keeping that. For the new readers, check it out and hopefully my musings will bring a smile to you. This blog is strictly music. I have thousands of mp3s…and thousands of cds. For me to organize my music is pretty pointless because there is so much music. I gave up last year. I tried but really…it makes me dizzy looking at all of the cds and god forbid I have numerous greatest hits sets from bands, which I do. And generally I buy them for one or two new songs that seem to be left off of each set, which makes me upset, but I have to have them. So I have gone into debt..I mean a LOT of debt buying music, going to shows, traveling, and the like. All to fill the empty void in my heart. Music does the trick for the most part. As I type this, I’m downloading Passion Pit’s ep, “Chunk of Change.” I had this cd once. But I can no longer find it in the mass sea of music in my apartment.

You know the Sandy Bullock movie called, “The Net?” Don’t raise yer hands at one time. But I’m like her character. I feel the most comfy cozy being at home listening to music. Be it on my puter, my stereo, my ipod..I crave it. I subscribe to Alternative Press, Rolling Stone, Revolver, Urb, and Paper magazine all dealing with music. I used to describe to Vibe, but I got sick of it being more about fashion, and less about music. Bleh. I also frequently visit,, among others. It’s exhausting. I wish I could make money off of knowing such music facts and collecting cds. I really do. If I could, I’d be a millionaire.

The Definition of a True Music Junkie is someone who completely has given her heart and soul into music and never plans on looking back. Music is my devil and I have given myself up to it. A true music junkie knows muzac songs played in an elevator or a clothing store. A true music junkie can admit to not only liking ‘Nsync, but also Tim McGraw and has no problems admitting that Britney Spears’ song “Radar” makes me wanna dance just as much as the Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil” does. I adore 80s music. I can admit that. I love Pretty Poison’s “Catch me I’m falling” just as much as I love Guns n’ Roses’ “Paradise City.” I can even admit in my short term love for Limp Bizkit. Did Fred Durst’s lyrics EVER make sense? NO. They did not. Especially the song, “Take a Look Around.” Worst lyrics ever next to “Nookie” but I can appreciate the music behind the lyrics, and I can bang my head accordingly. Wes Boreland can play the fuck out of a guitar. No lie. And I can appreciate that. I can randomly tell you that Lisa Fischer’s album “So Intense” won a Soul Train award for Best Female album or singer or whatever, beating out Patti LaBelle. Patti LABELLE. And where is Lisa Fischer now? I have no idea. But damn she could sing. I also can tell you that Bobby Brown was KICKED OUT of New Edition. He did not leave to go form his “Prerogative.” That’s how obsessed I am with music. It’s a sickness. I have numerous ipods. It’s terrible. And music magazines that are 6 years old. But I can’t get rid of them. Because I might read them…or reread them. I just can’t. I’m a music hoarder plain and simple. True Music Junkies, or TMJs as I call them, don’t care that they numerous copies of the same album. They care that there is a part in Janet Jackson’s “Black Cat” from Rhythm Nation 1814 that sounds different from the version on her “Design of a Decade” cd. There’s a count – a 1,2, 3,4 she says in the beginning. True Music Junkies know this. Especially Janet Jackson fanatics like myself.

So sit back, relax and get ready for my views on music. My annoyances, my loves, my wants (still looking for that Guys Next Door reunion. Don’t know who they are? Google that shit.), and whatever comes floating into my head. Maybe this will help you all understand me a little better.

Peace, Wuv, and Hair Grease,