Throwback Tuesday…Howard Jones

So every Thursday I will put up an old school clip. Today, it is Howard Jones. Remember him? Big hair.. REALLY big hair. I used to seriously LOVE this man. Enjoy!! No One is To Blame – still holds up after all these years…

God I wish I could go back in time and be 6 or 7 again..sighs.

4 thoughts on “Throwback Tuesday…Howard Jones

  1. Howard Jones was/is a great writer and musician. Only Nik Kershaw rivals him for being criminally underrated.
    Electronic pop that wasn’t just blip, whirrrrrr, bloop – it had melody.

    1. and now it seems bands are completely copying off the electronic pop scene. and i keep thinking, “it’s been done already…” and better than what they’re doing lol.

  2. Yeah, I think when electronica gave rise to samling, looping etc, a lot of upcoming artists took the easy way out and just stole stuff. Originality went out of the window.

    It amazes me just how many songs over the last 10 years have stolen from previous decades

    ‘I know where its at’ by All Saints stole from “The Fez’ by Steely Dan (1976)
    ‘Can’t touch this’ MC Hammer stole from ‘Superfreak’ by Rick James,
    Sugababes blatant use of Cars by Gary Numan (I love the way they use this ‘vs.’ thing to make it sound cool that they nick this stuff! 🙂
    ‘Memory bliss’ by PM Dawn stole from Spandau Ballet’s ‘True’
    ‘Another chance’ by Roger Sanchez is just awful, stealing from the beautiful Toto ballad “I won’t hold you back’ – taking one line out of context and endlessly repeating it over a mindless dance beat. If that’s entertainment, God help us all! 🙂

    1. Oh man yes. And the list is NEVER ending. It’s really quite sad. Originality is just no where to be found anymore. You’d think they’d try harder considering they have got to give over some cash to the people who originated them from start. That’s not what I would want to do lol. What’s that old expression? Everything old is new again? That’s certainly true in music’s case. It never officially goes away.


      God help us indeed.

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