Blasts from the Past

I grew up as a 90s kid. When I think about music that really hits home, it’s generally say 7 times out of 10, a song from the 90s. I think that was a golden age of music. Why? Because there were so many songs that were run of the gamut. So many songs that I enjoyed that hit home. The lyrics hit home. Artists sang with passion. They sang as a way of entertaining. Now everyone gripes in a song. I am a griper don’t get me wrong. But every once in a while, I enjoy the good pop song. The one that gets stuck in my head and I feel I have to share. The one with a good beat, the one that is just silly. Those are songs that I enjoy. And when I think about those descriptions, I think of the 90s. Everything from Brand Nubian, to the Spice Girls, to Nsync, to R.E.M., to Madonna (her r&b period), and the Beastie Boys, etc. I enjoy these artists and many more immensely. It made me drift away from whatever problem I had or whatever art project I worked on. BAnds and singers, cheesey as they are, got me through some tough times. Even the one hit wonders definitely served their purpose. For instance, when I think of the band Aqua, I don’t think of “Barbie Girl” I think of “Turn Back Time” which was for the Sliding Doors soundtrack. It was a dance song with a good message about going back… time..and doing things differently. Which always makes me think of going back in time and changing my major in college. Or when I think of Boyz II Men’s “vibin” I think of riding my bike from the athletic center on campus to my dining hall for my job. I don’t get that kind of reminiscing for music today. I keep thinking, “you can just replace one band with another one and they all sound the same for the most part.” Now my previous blog dealt with songs by bands I’m digging now. But this is the stuff I STILL can’t get enough of today. Cheezy? Absoooolutely, but still good to the last spin..

1. Aqua – Turn Back Time

2. Black Box – Strike it Up

3. Boyz II Men -Vibin’

4. TLC – Creep.

5. Duncan Sheik – Barely Breathing

6. 3rd Eye Blind – Semi Charmed Life

7. Suzanne Vega feat. DNA – Tom’s Diner

8. R.E.M. – King of Comedy

9. Foo Fighters – Big Me

10. 2pac – Me Against the World

11. Will Smith – Gettin’ Jiggy with It

12. Chumbawumba – Tubthumping

13. Prodigy – Firestarter

14. Tribe Called Quest – Check the Rhyme

15. Kool Keith – Blue Flowers

16. Snoop – Gin and Juice

17. Green Day – Good Riddance

18. Spice Girls – Move Over

19. Matchbox 20 – Push

20. Tevin Campbell – Can We Talk

All good stuff. I don’t care what anyone says..

My Rotation Week…

I thought I’d give you a list of what I’m listening to. On every Friday I will TRY (note I said TRRRRY) to post a list of music I’m listening to at the present moment. It’s a cosmic slop of stuff so don’t even worry. I hope to cover everything. Well, except country. Not that I don’t like country because I do enjoy some of it. But the whole rock n’ roll crossover appeal seems to annoying to me. Be rock. Be pop. But to say it’s country is really..just wrong. Yes I’m talking to you Taylor and Brad and Keith. Now if you put them in a pop rock category Now we’re talking. Never the less, here is what I’m listening to:

Against Me! – Gypsy Panther. I love the yelling. And the loud crunching of the guitars. “Coming home feels like surrender, feels like we’re giving in.” I feel this way everytime I enter my crappy apartment.

Alicia Keys – Un-thinkable (I’m Ready). I’m not even going to lie. I get extremely turned on when I listen to this. That beat in intoxicating. And she’s got a voice of an angel. I predict a lot of babies being brought into the world when this song plays

Tegan and Sara – Arrow. Words cannot express how much I love this song. The beat..the lyrics..everything. This should be Cupid’s theme song come Valentine’s Day. Rock on Sara Quin. You’re my favorite little Montrealean.

Jamie Lidell – Enough is Enough. Jamie has a very groovy r&b feel. This song is a great sing a long gem. He never disappoints.

Jay-Z – Moment of Clarity. I know this is a pretty old song. But I am totally feeling this song. “So you can feel my truths.” It’s my theme song when I want to calm down from a day of work trifles of which there are many. Jay amazes me album after album. How he can still have things to say and still sound fresh is unbelievable.

Otep – Smash the Control Machine. I LOVE this song. I love the fact she is singing on this album more. But the song reigns so true about society today. Society controls all of us. “Resistance is the game. Work. Buy. Consume. Die.” I totally feel you. I wake up to work and pay bills and am controlled by all I see. Rock on Otep.

Over the Rhine – The Seahorse. I’m going to slow things down a bit here. I love the chord progression on the acoustic guitar. It is so pretty. Match it together with the female lead singer of this band and it’s pure ease on my ears. I saw them a couple of years ago in Virginia at a club called Birchmere. I became an instant fan.

Paramore – Ignorance. The opening riffs are so intense. So loud. So fast. And Hayley’s words are just perfect “If you’re gonna judge me, then sentence me to another life.” Damn. Good stuff.

I am gonna quit here. I’ve got more music to listen to. Enjoy the list. I sure will…


Music, Interrupted.

I have never understood why bands and singers put these intros and outros and interludes and skits and interruptions as I like to refer to them as on their albums. they are plain annoying and I don’t dig them at all. Now that we have the lovely gift from God called an ipod, it makes it especially worse to upload a cd, and forget about these stupid interruptions and then days later when your pod is on shuffle, or if you buy an ipod shuffle, a 30 second track of crap comes blaring through your headphones. Or 15 seconds or 1 minute. However short of time the track is, it’s beyond a pain in the tuckus. And even when you buy a cd now (those of us who you know..actually ENJOY cd shopping) you see it might contain like 18 tracks and then you get it home, or in your car, unwrap it, and realize that say 10 of them are short interruptions that really interrupt your excitement. Major fail on artists for that.

As a designer myself, I totally understand the whole “this is a work of art” piece of music where each track acts as a cohesive part of a bigger whole. I get it musicians. Really. I do. However let’s face it. The amount of time it takes to put these interruptions on the cd…and get them approved by the label…you could put some of these B sides I read about that bands release on the cd instead. Some B-sides are really pretty good and why I have to spend more money on a separate cd or mp3 set for them is just mind boggling. Linkin Park, I’m talking to you. Janet Jackson I’m talking to you. De La Soul I’m talking to you…any rapper I’m talking to you. Any DJ…yes I am talking to you all who insist on yelling on your track after you spin it. It’s not cute. It’s just annoying. Sometimes DJs are the worst at the interruptions because they begin to yell and give shout outs at the end of a track and the track isn’t even over yet. So not cool. Again. Major fail. I don’t need to know that you have to yell, Mr. DJ Clue. Really, I know who you are. I know the power you hold. Big whoop. When I hear an interruption, it’s enough to make me want to rip my eyebrows out and then have them tattooed on me. Now I know what you’re thinking. Why do you buy it then? Because I still love the bands and or singers. That’s how fanatical I am. Even though they irritate the dandruff out of my scalp, I still remain true. At some point, I’m going to go through all 20 thousand plus songs and weed out the interludes and the intros. I might not make it out alive.

I really wish bands would just quit trying to do this. To be so supposedly “authentic” when so many people do the same thing that artists claim have never been done before. It takes up too much space people. Keep the songs that are killer. And just avoid the intro/outro crap filler.

You don’t hear this from classical music now DO YOU???

As you were..

Throwback Thursday: Goodie Mob’s “Soul Food”

I miss Goodie Mob. I love Cee-Lo. I think this was one of the best rap songs of the 90’s. The beat? Bangin’..the flow? Ridiculous. And of course there’s my equal: Cee-Lo “everything that i did, different things I was told, just ended up being food for my soul.” This is when I loved rap music. When it was a genre where people had SOMETHING to say.

They don’t make music like this anymore folks..