What I’m listening to…

Ok folks, all whopping two of  you. Here is a list of what is spinning through my head today..and this week..and last week…and the week before that.

1. Mine Smell Like Honey – R.E.M.

2.Future Starts Slow – The Kills

3. Hopeless – Dionne Faris

4. Architects – Rise Against

5. Walk with Me – Against Me

6. Rolling in the Deep – Adele

7. Can A Drummer Get Some – Travis Barker

8. On to the Next One – Jay Z.

9.  He Won’t Go – Adele

10. Secret – Janet Jackson

11. Broken Homes – Tricky

12. Portrait of the Artist as a Hood – 3rd Bass

…mix of the day. Filmed at 11. Back to you Bob..

Podcaaaast 2: Bottom’s Up.

Ok. Number two under my belt. Still trying to figure things out, but having a good time doing so. Poddy #3 will be a speciality show, so after I leave you wanting more, make sure you tune in for #3..

As always download HERE!!!—> http://www.mediafire.com/?1756wpah0g1ebxk

And as always, here’s a collage of what I played. To quote Homer J. Simpson, WOOOHOOO!!


Enjoy. And feel free to follow me at @joelygabs on Twitter..