Blogging is Fundamental, but not so much were the Worst Albums of 2011.

Ok, there were as many crappy albums released as much as there were good ones. I admit that. And I’m not going to go into detail about what I thought was crappy. We’d be here allllll day and far be it from me to keep you all from your jobs because of my very very long lists. I shall just give you TWO.. yes just TWO of my top worst albums. I’m sure I will get heat from it. But honestly, I don’t care. These two albums sucked. It proves just because you can sing anything, doesn’t mean you should sing EVERYTHING. And also, please people, leave the egos at the door. Please. Enough already. Save your energy for great albums, not albums that illustrate how you can afford many trips to Paris and such.

1. Watch the Throne – Jay-Z/Kanye West

You know when I read that these two were going to record an album together I thought, “well, there is something I didn’t expect.” The two powers in rap, Jay-Z and Kanye West, together. In one studio. I can’t even imagine how great this will be – in rhyme delivery. In production. In everything.

Boy was I wrong.

This album is just an album of fluff. It’s an album of braggadocio and quite frankly I think it was put together just because.. they have nothing better else to do. They can do anything at this point and the fans, like myself, will generally eat it up. But in the end, all it did was just show me and others who aren’t so fortunate, how to feel bad for not having the cars, the money, the homes, the private jets, the fur coats, the last minute purchases, the haters who are jealous, yada yada yada.. Honestly guys, I would have expected better from you two. It seemed more like how can one outbrag on the other. We all know that in rap music, you MUST have some bravado. You must have high esteem in order to be taken seriously as an artist. However there’s a difference between trying to illustrate that point, and just bragging for the sake of bragging. I won’t even list the worst songs. The whole album was a stinker. The ONLY saving grace, was the production. Maybe if Kanye had just stuck with the production aspect and not taken on the lyrical delivery, maaaaaybe the album could have been saved from my list. Alas.. no.

2. Beyonce’ – 4

This might seem like a slam towards the royal couple of Hip-Hop. But this album was just weird. The songwriting was just horrible. She shouts. I remember when she used to sing. But she SHOUTS.. specifically on “I Care”, “Rather Die Young,” among others. My goodness lady. We get it. You can sing circles around folks but the shouting has to go. The production is good. The beats are good. But the singing is just way too over the top. There’s a line in “Best Thing I Ever Had” that says “It sucks to be you right now”.. really Beyonce? That’s a real lyric? Really? What happened to your songwriting? Is this the best you can do? I love you. I do. I really do. I’ve been a fan since Destiny’s Child. But at some point lady you have to take a break. Go back to basics. Now, that being said, “Love on Top”.. that’s one of two keeepers. Very upbeat. Very dance-y. I think everyone can rock this one.  The tune “End of Time” could easily be a Destiny’s Child outtake. Same drum beat. But still a keeper. But alas, two songs don’t save an album.

Now, that is not to say I’m not a fan of any of these artists. Because I am. And I probably always will be. However sometimes taking a loooooong break and returning to form is a good thing. Not one of them has anything to prove anymore. They can afford the rest. Maybe their next conquests will be better than these.

4 thoughts on “Blogging is Fundamental, but not so much were the Worst Albums of 2011.

  1. I haven’t heard either of these albums, nor want to. But, here is the first and continuous thought that ran through my head reading the Jay-Z/Kanye review… During this economy, that’s what they put out?! Asshats.

    1. I was kinda floored myself. I mean I tried Amanda, you know me. I TRIED to enjoy it. I can listen to pretty much anything. But I just couldn’t. It kinda was a slam to the middle class and poor whether they were aware or not. I just couldn’t support this effort. At. All. And as far as Beyonce goes, she just needs a CLEAN BREAK for a while. Hopefully having this baby will put things in perspective for her and make her realize that it is quality over quantity.. and take care of the little one for a while.

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