Blogging is Fundamental: Not Sure the Grammys Are but It Was Fun to Watch.

Ok. This is going to be my take on the Grammys. You ready? I’m just going to get straight to the point. I’m like that.. no fuss, no muss, get down to it, pants off, yada yada yada..

Ooops, not THAT kind of blog *wink*

Now, I’ve read a myriad.. a true myriad (let’s see how many times I can say myriad in one place) of reviews, opinions, tweets, the like of what people thought of the Grammy’s and they all say the same thing essentially. You ready?

Ok.. hold onto your hats..



Nicky Minaj yada ayada, Chris Brown, yada yada, Foster the People, WHAT? They’re one hit wonders.. The BEACH BOYS?? Seriously?? (ok, that was my personal view of the BBs I mean those dudes are just way too old and Brian Wilson looks like he is in a permanent fog. And honestly again, I was REALLY at the VERY least looking forward to maaaaybe an appearance by Uncle Jesse aka John Stamos somewheeeere playing bongos. If you young ones don’t know who I’m referring to, google it and do it soon before Google stores your search and sends you links to John Stamos fan sites everywhere.) The Grammys had no one else to add? No tributes to Don Cornelius, or Gil Scott Heron (minus the short blurb from Questlove and Common respectfully)? Ok people. Here is what you need to remember about the Grammys…

They, much like the honey badger, are just craaaazeeee.

See friends, romans, country people, lovers, lusters, and whoever decides to read this.. the Grammys are NOT repeat are NOT a real indication on talent for the most part. I say most, not at all, but most. There are a few standouts though. The same standouts that happen every year. Of course you know I’m about to name them right? I wouldn’t just type standouts and then not even explain what I mean. That’s just plain mean and unlike the subject of Taylor Swift’s song, I am NOT going to be mean.

There are always standouts like Adele (wuvvv her) that should be awarded I reckon for saving the industry from total destruction.. at least for a year. This happens every year. Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill, Bonnie Rait, Amy Winehouse, etc.. all people who were angels for the music industry and were rewarded for their merits. So if someone is nominated numerous times, chances are, they will receive something. And by numerous, I mean at least say 4 times. They will end up being the critical darlings of the night. Last year it was Lady Antebellum. This year, Adele. It happens. It’s well deserved for the most part. I have to say though, I didn’t expect her to sweep all THREE of the big ones – Album of the Year, Record of the Year (wait, aren’t they the same thing?), and Song of the Year. I mean, when they say they really LOOOVED Adele, they weren’t playing. Usually the Grammys throw in a wrench in one of those categories. But this time, the queen ruled. All hail.

The Grammys always love british people too as made evident by Adele. If you are british, they are ALLLL over you like white on rice. If you are nominated, you are pretty much guaranteed a Grammy. Ask Coldplay, Paul McCartney, etc. Being british I think is a key part of the winning Grammy equation. I love that folks can come over from the other side of the pond and completely clean up here with major awards (Oscars, Critics Choice, etc) but we as Americans can’t really make it over there in entertainment, for the most part, which goes to my theory that everyone overseas wants to be American anyway.. but again. That’s for another blog.

There are always those awards given to people where my reaction is “WHO DA BUTT IS THAT?” Last year it was Esperanza whatever her name is because I can’t pronounce it  nor will I try to trouble myself in doing so. This year, it was Bon Iver. Now luckily for me, I know who he is. However, and here is the funny.. he isn’t NEW. To be nominated for Best New Artist, I would THINK the word “New” means that no one has really heard of them before. But for Bonny Boy it seems as though after putting out a previous full length, and an EP, he is still considered “New.” I guess that means the Grammy higher ups had been living under a rock for a few years and think they discovered him. Same thing could be said for Shelby Lynne though. She won some years back as BNA, and she released a sleeeew of country albums before the “I Am” album.

If you watch the Grammys, be prepared for old people. The, no reason to be on the stage other than “to look at their receding hairlines and relive their youth” old people. The Grammys love the supposed grey haired geezers. And last night was NO exception. Bruce, Paul, Stevie, Tony, and ugh, Paul again. All proof that the older folks are going to continue to pretend they are 2o something, and the award show will always give in. It’s an easy ratings grabber and those who continue to live in the past musically can stay in the forefront, while we fans remember them and reminisce way back when, before the cracked voices, gruff huff and puff ranges and all. A win win for all.

Every year there is hate towards this award show. Every year. I don’t know what people really expect. The Grammys try to recognize different people, even more than once but it all boils down to the ones who WILL win beating the ones who SHOULD win. It never fails. So why complain about it? But I look at it as extreme comic relief. Because it always proves the point that more deserving bands, real indie bands, are overlooked for the slick (Bruno Mars), the polished, the acrobatic (in the case of Chris Brown), the outlandish (Nicky Micraycray), and the one hit wonders (Foster the People). It’s not meant for real music 90 percent of the time (with the exception of Adele. Come on.. show the woman some respect).. It’s the ridiculous, the over the top, the head scratchers, the questionable that get these puppies. But you and I.. the true music fanatics, know the real deal on bands. And it will always be our little secret. So relax, and enjoy the ride, and laugh at it.

P.S. – Just one thing. Remember Whitney Houston for the good, not the bad.. I will try to do the same. TRY. She influenced so many..

2 thoughts on “Blogging is Fundamental: Not Sure the Grammys Are but It Was Fun to Watch.

  1. Yes, you’re right…tens of thousands of up-and-comers would kill for a chance to rock the Grammy stage.

    And to distinguish two of the top three Grammy categories from each other:
    Record of the Year and Song of the Year are more-or-less the same thing in that they both concern a particular track on an album. The key exception is that the latter could be called “the Writer’s Award”. In the case of “Rolling in the Deep”, Adele co-wrote that song and thus shares a Grammy in that Writer’s Award category.

    1. Yeah I knew Song of the Year dealt with songwriting but I was still puzzled by Record and Album of the Year. I thought Record and Album were the same thing. But maybe Record should REALLY be called the Song of the Year and Album is the whole kitten kaboodle.

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