Fine Nine Friday…

So I’ve been listening to a lot of music.

Wait, you too? Well that’s fantastic. Here’s some more to add to the fire – a rundown of new tunes. And since we are a country made up of “lists,” far be it from me to not throw my head in the ring.

I like to call this my “Fine Nine Friday.” I hope to make this a Friday staple. Here are the ones that are making me shake my tailfeather in my jammy jammies.


1. Sam Proper – Animal. If you like minimalist dance with the occasional vocal, this is the win for you.

2. Blue October – Any Man in America. My favorite sad saps are back, but with a positive, light at the end of the tunnel at some point vibe. IS there such a thing?? At least with them, yes.

3. Slash – Apocalyptic Love. Myles Kennedy rejoins Slash with a pure rock album. No filler here. Definitely get your air guitar on.

4. Scissor Sisters – Magic Hour. Oh man, I can’t say enough how much I love this album. Let’s Have a Kiki.. that song ALONE is worth the purchase. Definitely doing a lot of tailfeather shakin’.

5. Alabama Shakes – Boys and Girls. Pure southern crunchy guitar rock. Thumbs up. WAY up.

6. Grimes – 88 Keys. I love the vibe of this rapper. He realizes the struggle, and continues on.

7. Slug & Murs – Felt 3. An oldie but a goodie. The dynamic duo return with the third installment of their hip-hop classic, Felt, this time dedicating the album to Rosie Perez. Heavy bass production, lyrically wonderful.

8. Usher – Looking 4 Myself. Solid return. See previous blog regarding his album.

9. Japandroids – Celebration Rock. They cram such loud rock in under 39 minutes. It’s ridiculous. It’s sick. It’s sickulous. Pass it on.

And there you have.. “And everything’s going to be fine fine fineeee..”

Blogging is Fundamental..Someone Find Usher Already..

Hello fanatics.

Just a quick blurb on what’s on rotation on my stereo.. Heads up..

Usher returns once again with his sixth album, Looking 4 Myself. It’s a mixture of dance, r&b, and pure pop music, heavy emphasis on the dance/synth genre that so many artists are investing in as of late. I always wonder how an artist, especially a male r&b artist, can keep up the popularity after a certain amount of years. It’s no secret that Usher is definitely a solid crooner, Mr. Entertainment, as he’s dubbed himself due to¬† his dance routines, good looks, and charm, he has managed to win over millions of fans. The man works. Hard. And I can certainly respect him for that. The last two albums kind of left fans in a quandary about where his musical direction lied. In his life outside of music, he got married, had two sons, and changed his partying ways to become a father and husband. And his musical selections reflected that.

Unfortunately many fans did not welcome the new improved Usher. They wanted the playboy Usher now and forever amen. To hear of his struggles and love to keep everything together did not win over too many people. This album, Looking For Myself, is a return to form. He sings the role of a man who is single, and loving the life he has made for himself, yet you get the sense that he deep down is still struggling to find the one thing that has alluded him which is true love. But on the surface, until that comes around again, let the panties drop and get down to business, all with a thriving bass beat and melody to many of the tracks. Bass I love, I might add..

I kind of think of Usher as a modern day Marvin Gaye. Marvin loved and left the ladies, and there was definitely a sense of lost love in his voice when you heard him sing..a sense of lonely amongst the bevy of women he enjoyed. I see the same thing in Usher. He loves his success.. he loves the women.. but at the end of the day, he’s still a playboy trying to find a balance between his role as a womanizer, and a good guy. He’s still, dare I say it, Looking for Himself.

So in closing, it’s a good album. If you love dance, this is the cd for you. If you love baby makin’ songs, this is the cd for you.. If you love beats, this is the cd for you..

If you love Usher, congrats.. you just found him. He’ll romance you one night, just don’t count on him to be around for breakfast the next morning.

Key tracks: Looking for Myself, Scream, Climax, Euphoria, Sins of my Father, Lessons for the Lover, I Care for You, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop.