Albums: The Long and the Short of It

When I am actually immersed in music, I can’t get enough. When I like an artist, I like them. And I end up craving more of whatever they release. I still buy music, I know… it’s rare nowadays. SO when I do buy music, I love to make it worth my while. The problem with bands.. in some cases.. their albums are just too too short. Even in being charged 10 dollars, I want it to be worth it. When I do research on the web and find out albums are say only 30 minutes long.. or less. I gripe. I don’t want a wham bam thank you ma’am album. I want something that will make me listen and sit with it for a while. I don’t like short albums.

I heard Stephen Thompkins of NPR gripe that he doesn’t like to sit through long albums. But if done well, long albums are great. The more a band or a singer can take me out of my present state of being, the better off I am. If there is an album that is say.. 35 minutes.. at 10 bucks or more, I cringe. Because I want to be entertained. I don’t want to blink and it’s over. I can understand the allure for short albums though. I’m sure Stephen and so many music fans have the attention span of a pea. And they want to hear a gazillion different songs in the shortest amount of time. But in doing that, you miss so much. With longer albums you can just sit with them and digest sounds and effects and lyrics. And then play again and again. Short albums.. I will listen to once.. and put them on the shelf for another time. It’s sad but true.

There are probably a few reasons why bands make shorter albums. They ran out of money and can only fit so many on an album. I can understand that completely. But if you have a 20 something to 35 minute album, I don’t want to pay 10 bucks for it. Charge lower. Some bands create a “theme” for an album and want to keep it straight to the point. Valid. Or they don’t want to bore the audience. For the latter let me just say, if you are a great band, you can NEVER bore the audience. Ever. We will keep wanting to hear what you have to offer. So that I don’t really buy 🙂

So in conclusion, music fanatics like me, I think as a whole, will never tire of long albums. So bring it artists.. bring it.

I approve this message.


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