Podcast #32: No Voice, But All Killer..

Happy February Earbuddiens..

Here’s a new podcast. My throat was killing me, so I just decided to forego using the mic and, as 80s singer Shannon sang, “Let the Music Play.” Enjoy.

Stream here:

Download at this very link. Just click.

Here’s the list:

Partition – Beyoncé

Afraid – The Neighbourhood

Frontin’ feat. Jay-Z  – Pharrell & The Yessirs

Getaway – Pearl Jam

Billie Jean – The Civil Wars


Repla – Zendaya

Murder – Justin Timberlake

Chocolate – The 1975

Move – Little Mix

Go Let It Out – Oasis

Gold Dust – John Newman

Animal – The Sounds

Cat’s Walk – Maylene and the Sons of Disaster

Where the Music Takes You (featuring Sasha Allen) – Ari Gold

I’m Coming Out – Diana Ross

Candy – Cameo



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Band of the Moment: Kongos

I’ve been listening a lot to a South African/London band called The Kongos. Their mix of big drums, chants, and melodies make for a wonderful album. You know what they sound like? A mix between One Republic, Bastille, Coldplay, Boxer Rebellion, and maaaaybe a little of Kings of Leon. I know that’s quite the cosmic slop isn’t it? They have enough rock n’ rhythm songs to get the party started…or break stuff. I can hear this band on a soundtrack to a movie in an instant – OR at a keg party. And the best part about them is that the band is made up of brothers. Four brothers. The drums are incredible. You can definitely detect the world music influence in their music. Trust me. These guys are the tits. Check them out when you get a chance. Then thank me later.







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The Weeknd’s Drunk in Love

I’ve never been a huge fan of the vocal ability of The Weeknd. In fact, he kind of sounds like Beiber at times. Or I guess I should say, Beiber totally ripped off The Weeknd’s vocal style. Seriously, check the two out and compare, especially with Justin’s new joint, “Confident.” Maybe it’s a Canadian thing I missed out on. But The Weeknd represents this new crop of r&b that is more rough and dirty lyrically. Not so much about love, but about fucking. No romance at all. At times, his music is right up my alley (wink). Other times, not so much. However, this remix remake kind of fits The Weeknd. So he took it over. And ran with it. Best part is it’s FREE. Download it while you can. He does a solid job at remixing it. Kudos Week. Now go have sex. And turn this up loudly.


Attention all De La Soul Fans…

DLS is giving away ALL of their music for free for TODAY only!!!


Go there. Get it. Get alllllll of them.

For those who don’t know who they are… allow me to reintroduce themselves:

Do NOT call yourself a hip-hop head if you don’t like these legendary dudes. Get out right now.