Dearest Justin,

My dearest Justin Timberlake, aka JT,

Let’s take a minute to watch this video:

Great isn’t it? Yup. But I digress.

Let me preface this by saying I’ve always been a fan of yours. You lost a lot of cool points with me leaving Janet Jackson hanging at the Super Bowl (let’s face it and tell the truth. You knew she was going to do all of that..), but overall I still think you’re a great artist and I still listen to your music. I always had a theory about superstars in music like yourself. It starts out with this: You dance your butt off. Everywhere. Anytime. On any tv show. You just break down in a choreographed manner like this.


Then as your star rises, you just sing. You don’t do anything else. You show up and sing. Not a lot of dancing. Just sing.


Then when you have REALLY reached a level of success, you show up on tv shows and don’t even SING. You just talk. And talk. And talk. No real singing. Just.. talking.


And when that isn’t enough for you, you finagle your way into a King of Pop song, such as this lovely gem.. I will just post this again for those who didn’t catch you not shaking your bon bon the first time above..

And you appear in the video and you don’t DANCE AT ALL… The one thing other than singing you are known for – and you don’t do. It’s quite a disappointment. Anyone can do a flick of a jacket dear lake of timbers. Anyone. And a little spin here and there does not a video make. And while the dancers do an excellent job, a kick ass job even, it would be nice to see you Mr. Timblerlake break out the dancing shoes. It’s the King of Pop for Christ’s sake. If he were alive, I bet you’d jump at the chance to dance with him. Oh wait you did that already.

My point is I know you’re not 20 anymore. But you are still young. You are as skinny as a rail. You could pull off some routines with the dancers. I’m not saying you had to dance in EVERY scene but come on man. You’re not 50. You can do it. And you didn’t. I guess you don’t have anything else to prove to anyone, which is good BUT your fans would like to see you move. I’ll just leave this video here as a reminder of what you USED to do. It is dearly missed.


The end.



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