Thank you, Chester.

I remember the first time I heard Linkin Park. I was still living at home, watching MTV – back then they did something unheard of now – AIR MUSIC VIDEOS. And I heard this song, this really loud, loud, song. I looked up at the screen and I saw this intense looking young man, with bleach blonde spikes (it was the early 00s..a lot of dudes did that to their hair), brown eyes but with this stare and intensity that has yet been unmatched to me with any other singer. He lip synced, “Everything you say to me takes me one step closer to the edge and I’m about to break.” And from that moment on, I was hooked. He sang everything I was feeling. I was a broke graphic designer, who no one would listen to despite having an education. I was frustrated, angry, disappointed, and done with the world. Truth be told, that’s not too far from how I’m feeling now but that is beside the point. He was angry. I was angry. He was frustrated. I was frustrated. I watched this very very weird conceptual video and waited to see who the band was.

Linkin Park.

My first thought was that they were from DC, because there is a Lincoln Park here, and they just changed the spelling to be cool. But there is pretty much a Lincoln Park everywhere in the US. My bad. I kept watching MTV that night because I KNEW at some point, they’d show the video again (remember, this is when MTV knew that the M stood for “music” in their name). And rest assured, they did air the video again and I watched it. I was fascinated with the visual imagery, and the lyrics spoke to every young person who was just fed up with life, and what little it had to offer. “One Step Closer” was the name of the song. I learned all the words and sang along every time I saw the video. I just couldn’t get over how melodic the song was yet so dark, so heavy. Everything made sense lyrically. And there was no turning back for me. I later did a search for the band, and found the band names online.

Chester Bennington.

He was my everything. His voice was so strong, so hard, and passionate. You could hear the pain in his voice, the anguish, yet sound so gentle at times. I honestly hadn’t heard of any voice like that since Chris Cornell (and yes, I see how creepy this comparison would become). The name of their album was Hybrid Theory. Songs like “Crawling,” “In the End,” “Runaway,” spoke to many people my age – pain, isolation, frustration, and not knowing if there was going to be a light at the end of a very dark – for many extremely dark – tunnel. Listening to Chester’s voice was comforting, even when he was screaming his heart out. The fans got it. They got the lyrics. They got his personality. And so did I. Chester was such a commanding presence on stage. And he got our attention. Each and every time. His music was a way of battling and overcoming his previous demons in life. I had no idea Chester was molested as a kid, and it explained so much behind his actions from that point on (drugs, alcohol, etc). But from where fans were standing, he seemed to have his act together. And the music seemingly proved it. Seemingly, being the main word.

From Hybrid to Meteora, A Thousand Suns, and so on, Chester gave us his all. Some songs were not pretty, and they weren’t supposed to be. They were a way of cleaning out a toxic system that had a negative effect on his life. And fans were along for the ride. For those coping with similar demons, or other demons, Linkin Park and Chester were are saviors. No one else understood, but LP got it. Even though their musical style changed dramatically with this recent album, “One More Light,” the lyrics remained true – fight, battle, tooth and nail if you have to – to overcome things keeping you down. I can respect that, even if the music behind the lyrics sounded like the everyday dance pop you hear on the radio (a bone of contention from old school LP fans like myself). We still loved LP though, no matter what.

Finding out on July 20th, 2017, that Chester Bennington took his own life left me and millions of fans heartbroken, confused, hurt, and pissed. We don’t understand why someone with so much promise and still had a LOT to offer to the music world, took his life. I believe the demons that he fought for SO long, took over and the pain was just much too great to bear. I understand. I’m dealing with quite a few myself. I understand the route to take to end it. But he was so loved, by his wife and family, and the band, and friends, and fans… it’s just hard in that regard to wrap my brain around it. I guess I never really will. Nor will the rest of fans.

So. I hope Chester found peace. I hope he knows he was loved by so so many people. I hope he will watch over not just LP members and his family, but fans too. Because we love him. Always will. He helped us. I just wish we could’ve helped him in return.

RIP Chester. You will always be in our hearts. Your star will most definitely shine bright everywhere.


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Linkin Burns It Down..

I can’t remember specifically WHEN I became a fan of Linkin Park. I mean I don’t remember the date, per se. I remember watching MTV, disgruntled by things at my first job out of college, and I saw this spiky haired guy singing “All these thoughts they make no sense.. I find bliss in ignorance. Nothing seems to go away..over and over again..Everything you say to me gets me one step closer to the edge and I’m about to break..” And I was hooked. Instantly. With my obsessive nature, I immediately ran upstairs to find out everything I could on this band.. this Linkin Park. From names, ages, albums, everything. My time became consumed with them. And them only. I bought “Hybrid Theory” and was determined to learn every line, know every tempo change, BPM, even mimicking the scratching done by Joe Hahn. Yeah, I became one of those fans bands probably can’t stand. But this group struck a chord. From “Runaway,” “Crawling.” “Papercut,” among others, they sang about frustration, acceptance, isolation, and rising above it. I listened to that album everyday for over a year. A YEAR. I still don’t do that for ANY band I’m a fan of as of now. Don’t get me wrong I adore all my favorite bands, but none are as good as this one.

Over the years, LP has stretched the limits in sound and technology. They’ve experimented with different tones, samples, and electronica. Fans have been fickle with liking LP’s later stuff, ¬†myself included, but I will always ALWAYS support them. They are probably the one remaining rock band band 2000 that still sells seats to thousands of people in this country and probably millions around the world. They are a commodity, a business, an organization, and to all of us hard core fans, a gateway to getting through all the bullshit surrounding you on a day to day basis.

Last night, I saw them in VA. And if anyone knows how much I despise VA, to drive to that state, it had better be good.


Last night, it was beyond good.


Thanks guys, for giving me and thousands of others, a good night. And thanks for getting us through hard times. And for proving that once again, Linkin Rules. Period. And screw whoever doesn’t agree. You kicked ass.