March 2018: The Return of the Beatcast

Welp. I’m back again. Here’s a new podcast for a new year. A mix of old, new, odd, and wonderful. It’s my favorite cosmic slop. No coffee necessary. Just hit play. So here I am sharing with you. I’m trying to get into the groove again, so it’s going to take some time. But these songs help me get through the day. I hope they do the same for you.


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Intro song: A Living Human Girl – The Regrettes

Sympin’ (Remix) – Boyz II Men

The Joke – Brandi Carlile

Glass House – Screaming Females

Brand New – Craig David

Right Now – Dream Wife

Perm – Bruno Mars

Black Sheep – Milck

Slither – Velvet Revolver

Real Friends – Camila Cabello

Rollin’ With Kid N’ Play – Kid N’ Play

Would? – Alice in Chains

Give Me a Reason – Ibibio Sound Machine

Violet Moon – Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

Killer – Seal and Pete Tong

Get Away – Kehlani

Do What You Gotta Do – Nina Simone

Nobody Can Save Me – Linkin Park

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Album of the Day: Nico Vega’s Fury Oh Fury


Fury Oh Fury

Every once in a while I miss out on a band. I will admit. I have so much music that it’s hard to keep track of new bands. And they might not even be new to you all but if I haven’t heard of them they are new to me. Such is the case with this band, Nico Vega. Fronted by singer Aja Volkman, this California trio is all rock and shout. It’s the perfect band to listen to on a manic Monday – I don’t care if this is a holiday. I still dread Mondays. They are loud. They are rocky. NV sounds like a cross between Kongos, Imagine Dragons, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs all rolled up into one. They are heavy on the drums and lots of substance in between. Believe you me when I say they are worth the time to invest. I could kick myself for not knowing about this band or album sooner. It was released in February of 2013. So I’m majorly late. But better late than never I say. I love the whole EP. But my favorite song is “Beast,” a killer tune about people coming together and protecting and loving each other. “Suppression is a motherfucker. Stand tall for the people of America. C’mon people. And together we can stand up to the Beast. So I hand you the key to your soul. You got to love your neighbor and let your neighbor love you back.”  The drum breakdown at 2:20 seconds is so fantastic. People I implore you to listen to this ep. They are too good to pass up. They have a new album called Lead to Fight dropping next month. And yours truly will be in line waiting for it. They give me hope in rock music again.

Listen. Then thank me later.

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Band of the Moment: Kongos

I’ve been listening a lot to a South African/London band called The Kongos. Their mix of big drums, chants, and melodies make for a wonderful album. You know what they sound like? A mix between One Republic, Bastille, Coldplay, Boxer Rebellion, and maaaaybe a little of Kings of Leon. I know that’s quite the cosmic slop isn’t it? They have enough rock n’ rhythm songs to get the party started…or break stuff. I can hear this band on a soundtrack to a movie in an instant – OR at a keg party. And the best part about them is that the band is made up of brothers. Four brothers. The drums are incredible. You can definitely detect the world music influence in their music. Trust me. These guys are the tits. Check them out when you get a chance. Then thank me later.





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I’ve Got Your Remedy. It’s Called “23 Red.”

The band is Antigone Rising. It’s not a name you hear everyday. But it’s a name you should remember. Here are a few things you should know, just a way to… you know, play catch up.

1. They’re from New York and New Jersey.

2. They’re a rock band.

3. They’re made up of 4 distinct individuals.

5. Once you see them live, you will not forget them. EVER.

6. Their fans are diehard and dedicated to them and their music.

Ok. Are we all caught up? Good. Don’t worry, I won’t quiz you on it later. As I was saying..

“I want to stay under the stars and watch the night unfold. I want to stay here with you now and whisper really close. Remember what I said, as you lay down your head. The only thing we take with us is love,” Antigone Rising’s lead singer Nini Camps sings very gently and softly over a mid tempo delivery provided by founding members Cathy and Kristen Henderson, and Dena Tauriello in the song “Borrowed Time” off  their first official release, 23 Red, to be distributed by Meryl Music Distribution (MMD), the distribution arm of Blackheart Records Group. Nini Camps’ voice is melodic and soothing, giving the listener reassurance that everything will be alright and love will prevail above all that is against you. Kind of makes you wish the whole world could function under the meaning behind that one line if only. The band never lost me in listening, like many mid tempo and ballads with repetitive chord progressions. It’s simply a quiet song in the beginning that builds but it’s not over the top. It’s as if the band is delivering to me and the fans a little slice of heaven in a world that can be undoubtedly cruel, which honestly is what Antigone Rising does best – providing fans and friends with music that is long lasting and beautiful when times.. aren’t that pretty.

23 Red also marks the first full length release since the addition of Nini Camps as lead singer. It’s a combination of rock, a little country, and a lot of heart and soul all rolled into one. It’s an album that fits as your soundtrack to a road trip or to rockin’ out on air guitar in your living room. And come on, we’ve all done that haven’t we? Yeah I thought so. It’s an album near and dear to the bands’ heart not just because it’s a new beginning with a new singer but because through the kickstarter program fans donated money to the band to make this album a reality. And quite a fantastic reality it is.

Starting with the opening song No Remedy, a crowd favorite and mine I might add, AR gets the ball rolling with this fast paced rock jam about love and getting over a broken relationship. The lyrics are very heartfelt, as is pretty much the whole album but the music to this particular song is so catchy and so bouncy that you find it hard to believe that it is a song about heartbreak. The chorus, “There ain’t no remedy to what I’m feelin’..the way you left you made it look so easy why oh why can’t I?” will stay in your head long after the song is over. With the guitar playing of Cathy Henderson and stellar drumming of Dena Tauriello, it makes a great summer jam, hands down. “Everywhere is Home” is more laid back with lyrics that stick in your head like bees to honey, about love and knowing that as long as you’re with the one you love it doesn’t matter where you are. You’re home. Can’t beat that with a stick. The whole album is just beautifully crafted to make you dance, and think, and reflect without skipping a beat, backbeat or otherwise;-) “Pink Sunglasses” is just sheer rock goodness with a pop twist, sort of an ode to 80s bands like the Pretenders. Or at least that’s the feeling I get from it.  From the opening picking on the strings, it’s just fantastic. “Just want to drive with the windows down with my pink sunglasses. Waving at all the boys checking me out with my Pink Sunglasses..anything is possible.” It’s a positive song conveying the idea the world is your oyster. Enjoy it. You never know what can happen. Or that’s what I get out of it.

I can go on and on about this album, but I’m just writing about my favorites. However a particularly wonderful standout is “Gracefully.” The lush strings and arrangements just absolutely blew me away along with the harmonizing. It’s an alluring song with delicate vocals backed by phenomenal drumming courtesy of Tauriello especially during the bridge “….you climb and you climb and I know it’s hard. But maybe it’s time that you stop now….and let me take it from here.” You can feel the intensity in the drumming match with EVERY word and passion from Nini’s voice ending with Henderson’s playing. It is just incredible. By far one of my favorite songs ever. EVER. It stirs up many an emotion. It’s always good when music can make you feel again.

23 Red is optimistic, melodic, relaxing, rocking, and at times completely overwhelming. This whole album could have been named “Life” because every song on it deals with aspects of life, and how to cope with what might lie ahead and what’s in the present. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what we all are doing? I might not be an expert on many things, but I know what I like. And I know what I love. I like and love this band. And so do their fans. I’m proud of how far this band has come and I’m proud of how far the band will go. When you get a chance, catch one of their shows in a town near you or make a road trip. I promise you that you will be fully satisfied and keep coming back.

I sure will…

Told wouldn’t be quizzed.

Well done ladies, well done. Worth the wait.

Who’s up for sammiches?

Pre-order their new cd at

PS.. don’t know what they sound like? Well take a gander from this Halloween show in NY last year:-) Enjoy