Song of the Day: Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings’ “Midnight Rider”

I’ve always said that real soul music – the kind that makes you feel alive deep down in your boots – seems to be missing in today’s realm of music. There just doesn’t seem to be anything out there with a lot of groove and harmony that can make you stand up and take notice for the most part. I say the most part, because then there Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings. They’ve been around forever and a day. And soul music has been their number one force to garner attention. When it doubt, there will always be Sharon Jones. She’s a true vocalist who leaves her blood, sweat, tears, and life on the stage and on the record for you to swallow up and enjoy. Songs about love, death, fear, hardships, and the like that make soul music incomparable – that’s what Sharon displays. Yes it sounds retro in comparison to today’s pop music. Real live instrumentation from The Dap Kings – horns, live drums, harmonies – you just don’t find that around anymore on your local iheart radio station. If you haven’t heard of this wonderful band, please look them up. They are well worth the time and energy. And until you can catch them live, give this cover of Midnight Rider a listen. It’s a keeper. Just like Sharon.

PS – Yes, this is the version heard in a Lincoln car ad. But come on, it’s still worth a listen. Soul sister Number One indeed.



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Song of the Day: “The Real Thing” by Andi Fawcett with Doubting Gravity

Well, I thought I’d clue you all in on the song of the day. The artist? Andi Fawcett w. Doubting Gravity and the song is called “The Real Thing.” They’re from Maine. It’s an upbeat and positive tune about finding that someone to spend your life with and the ability to give your heart to that love after all of the trials and tribulations life throws at you and realizing that they’re still there for you. And the result? It’s more incredible than one can ever imagine. Beautiful lyrics and a wonderful melody. They got my vote.

“I’ve gone through heart attacks and hell and back to find the real thing and you know it’s better, it’s better than they’d said it would be…” Great lyric Andi. And kudos to a fantastic song.

So my musical congregation, take a looksee and enjoy for Tuneage Tuesday 🙂 Thank me later, as Drake says. Cheers.