Podcast #25 No Voice Needed…Quarter of the Way..


Truth be told, I haven’t been in the greatest of spirits lately (absolutely miserable to be exact) and I have a lot going on. But I still want to share with you all a mix of songs I’m currently rotating on the ipod. And in my ears. A few oldies. Some new goodies, and everything in between. I’m not going to bother to add my voice because of my current under the weather condition, so it’s just a non stop mix. Enjoy music heads. Until next time….


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1. Remedy – The Black Crowes

2. Say Yes To Me – Surfer Blood

3. Stompa – Serena Ryder

4. Tell Me How To Live – Capital Cities

5. Skeleton Key – Dessa

6. A horse is not a home – Miike Snow

7. We Tried – The Drums

8. Hey Love – Tricky

9. Out of the Blue – Julian Casablancas

10. Last Raindrop – Fitz and The Tantrums

11. Gold Coast Hustle – Pretty Lights

12. Die Together – New Politics

13. Up in the Air – Thirty Seconds to Mars

14. What A Wonderful Man – My Morning Jacket

15. Anxiety – Gold Fields

16. The Lonely Life – City And Colour

17. Say That – Toro Y Moi

18. A-Z – Tracey Thorn



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First Podcast of 2013. Dance Like No One is Watching.

Happy New Year my musical heathens.

I trust the new year was good to you. I have returned with the first poddy of 2013. 2012 was such a blur, but I am here to provide you with some good tunes to make you shake your bon diggity bon and keep the party moving, if only for a little while.

I decided to make my first poddy of the year a dance show. It’s a compilation of some of my favorite dance tracks as of late. Some new, some old, but rest assured people will not sit still while playing this show. So if you haven’t gone to the bathroom, I suggest you do so.. unplug the phone, put the phone on vibrate, and enjoy for an hour or so..


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Here is the rundown. Enjoy.



Spectrum – Zedd

Nightlife – Green Day

Hanging On (ft. Tinie Tempah) – Ellie Goulding

Video – Morgan Page & Tegan and Sara

History Repeating – Propellerheads

Timebomb (Extended Version) – Kylie Minogue

Indestructible – Robyn

Only Love Can Break Your Heart –  I Blame Coco

Don’t Nobody feat. N’Dea Davenport – Fred Everything

Push And Shove – No Doubt

Night Crawler – Jack Fell Down

Why (Hot Toddy Boogiefied Mix) – Joey Negro

I Can’t Stop – Doctor P & Flux Pavilion

No One Knows Who We Are – Kaskade & Swanky Tunes

Better Than Love – Hurts

I Know I Want You – Jett

No Way Down – Air France

Shock to Your System – Tegan and Sara



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Fine Nine Friday…

So I’ve been listening to a lot of music.

Wait, you too? Well that’s fantastic. Here’s some more to add to the fire – a rundown of new tunes. And since we are a country made up of “lists,” far be it from me to not throw my head in the ring.

I like to call this my “Fine Nine Friday.” I hope to make this a Friday staple. Here are the ones that are making me shake my tailfeather in my jammy jammies.


1. Sam Proper – Animal. If you like minimalist dance with the occasional vocal, this is the win for you.

2. Blue October – Any Man in America. My favorite sad saps are back, but with a positive, light at the end of the tunnel at some point vibe. IS there such a thing?? At least with them, yes.

3. Slash – Apocalyptic Love. Myles Kennedy rejoins Slash with a pure rock album. No filler here. Definitely get your air guitar on.

4. Scissor Sisters – Magic Hour. Oh man, I can’t say enough how much I love this album. Let’s Have a Kiki.. that song ALONE is worth the purchase. Definitely doing a lot of tailfeather shakin’.

5. Alabama Shakes – Boys and Girls. Pure southern crunchy guitar rock. Thumbs up. WAY up.

6. Grimes – 88 Keys. I love the vibe of this rapper. He realizes the struggle, and continues on.

7. Slug & Murs – Felt 3. An oldie but a goodie. The dynamic duo return with the third installment of their hip-hop classic, Felt, this time dedicating the album to Rosie Perez. Heavy bass production, lyrically wonderful.

8. Usher – Looking 4 Myself. Solid return. See previous blog regarding his album.

9. Japandroids – Celebration Rock. They cram such loud rock in under 39 minutes. It’s ridiculous. It’s sick. It’s sickulous. Pass it on.

And there you have.. “And everything’s going to be fine fine fineeee..”




Blogging is Fundamental, so is Haim.

Three sisters from Los Angeles. Three harmonies full of emotion.. A little dance, with lots of grooves. It’s a win win for everyone. Don’t worry ladies, you’ve got my ears’ attention.




They have a 3 song ep. Go to http://haimtheband.com/ and download it for FREE. You all will dig it. You have my word. If you don’t.. well.. the EP is free so you’re not losing anything. But this is good stuff. Yup yup.





Blogging is Fundamental: Not Sure the Grammys Are but It Was Fun to Watch.

Ok. This is going to be my take on the Grammys. You ready? I’m just going to get straight to the point. I’m like that.. no fuss, no muss, get down to it, pants off, yada yada yada..

Ooops, not THAT kind of blog *wink*

Now, I’ve read a myriad.. a true myriad (let’s see how many times I can say myriad in one place) of reviews, opinions, tweets, the like of what people thought of the Grammy’s and they all say the same thing essentially. You ready?

Ok.. hold onto your hats..



Nicky Minaj yada ayada, Chris Brown, yada yada, Foster the People, WHAT? They’re one hit wonders.. The BEACH BOYS?? Seriously?? (ok, that was my personal view of the BBs I mean those dudes are just way too old and Brian Wilson looks like he is in a permanent fog. And honestly again, I was REALLY at the VERY least looking forward to maaaaybe an appearance by Uncle Jesse aka John Stamos somewheeeere playing bongos. If you young ones don’t know who I’m referring to, google it and do it soon before Google stores your search and sends you links to John Stamos fan sites everywhere.) The Grammys had no one else to add? No tributes to Don Cornelius, or Gil Scott Heron (minus the short blurb from Questlove and Common respectfully)? Ok people. Here is what you need to remember about the Grammys…

They, much like the honey badger, are just craaaazeeee.

See friends, romans, country people, lovers, lusters, and whoever decides to read this.. the Grammys are NOT repeat are NOT a real indication on talent for the most part. I say most, not at all, but most. There are a few standouts though. The same standouts that happen every year. Of course you know I’m about to name them right? I wouldn’t just type standouts and then not even explain what I mean. That’s just plain mean and unlike the subject of Taylor Swift’s song, I am NOT going to be mean.

There are always standouts like Adele (wuvvv her) that should be awarded I reckon for saving the industry from total destruction.. at least for a year. This happens every year. Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill, Bonnie Rait, Amy Winehouse, etc.. all people who were angels for the music industry and were rewarded for their merits. So if someone is nominated numerous times, chances are, they will receive something. And by numerous, I mean at least say 4 times. They will end up being the critical darlings of the night. Last year it was Lady Antebellum. This year, Adele. It happens. It’s well deserved for the most part. I have to say though, I didn’t expect her to sweep all THREE of the big ones – Album of the Year, Record of the Year (wait, aren’t they the same thing?), and Song of the Year. I mean, when they say they really LOOOVED Adele, they weren’t playing. Usually the Grammys throw in a wrench in one of those categories. But this time, the queen ruled. All hail.

The Grammys always love british people too as made evident by Adele. If you are british, they are ALLLL over you like white on rice. If you are nominated, you are pretty much guaranteed a Grammy. Ask Coldplay, Paul McCartney, etc. Being british I think is a key part of the winning Grammy equation. I love that folks can come over from the other side of the pond and completely clean up here with major awards (Oscars, Critics Choice, etc) but we as Americans can’t really make it over there in entertainment, for the most part, which goes to my theory that everyone overseas wants to be American anyway.. but again. That’s for another blog.

There are always those awards given to people where my reaction is “WHO DA BUTT IS THAT?” Last year it was Esperanza whatever her name is because I can’t pronounce it  nor will I try to trouble myself in doing so. This year, it was Bon Iver. Now luckily for me, I know who he is. However, and here is the funny.. he isn’t NEW. To be nominated for Best New Artist, I would THINK the word “New” means that no one has really heard of them before. But for Bonny Boy it seems as though after putting out a previous full length, and an EP, he is still considered “New.” I guess that means the Grammy higher ups had been living under a rock for a few years and think they discovered him. Same thing could be said for Shelby Lynne though. She won some years back as BNA, and she released a sleeeew of country albums before the “I Am” album.

If you watch the Grammys, be prepared for old people. The, no reason to be on the stage other than “to look at their receding hairlines and relive their youth” old people. The Grammys love the supposed grey haired geezers. And last night was NO exception. Bruce, Paul, Stevie, Tony, and ugh, Paul again. All proof that the older folks are going to continue to pretend they are 2o something, and the award show will always give in. It’s an easy ratings grabber and those who continue to live in the past musically can stay in the forefront, while we fans remember them and reminisce way back when, before the cracked voices, gruff huff and puff ranges and all. A win win for all.

Every year there is hate towards this award show. Every year. I don’t know what people really expect. The Grammys try to recognize different people, even more than once but it all boils down to the ones who WILL win beating the ones who SHOULD win. It never fails. So why complain about it? But I look at it as extreme comic relief. Because it always proves the point that more deserving bands, real indie bands, are overlooked for the slick (Bruno Mars), the polished, the acrobatic (in the case of Chris Brown), the outlandish (Nicky Micraycray), and the one hit wonders (Foster the People). It’s not meant for real music 90 percent of the time (with the exception of Adele. Come on.. show the woman some respect).. It’s the ridiculous, the over the top, the head scratchers, the questionable that get these puppies. But you and I.. the true music fanatics, know the real deal on bands. And it will always be our little secret. So relax, and enjoy the ride, and laugh at it.

P.S. – Just one thing. Remember Whitney Houston for the good, not the bad.. I will try to do the same. TRY. She influenced so many..

First Podcast of 2012.. Oasis, Pink, Ok, Phil, and a Fitz and More..Rolled Into One..

New Year. New poddy. New music. Old music. Fun music.

Good times.

Happy new year music fanatics. Here for you all.. hot off the computer battery, is a new podcast. It’s a bit of a whopper so make sure you get all the errands down. Unplug the phone, turn off the cell and enjoy. As usual it’s random, like the thoughts in my head. And don’t complain if you get a tune or two stuck in your head. Wear it like a badge of honor..and then share with your friends so THEY can get the song stuck in their heads as well.


Here’s the list:

Click the pic for a bigger version.

1. Sheila Easton – Strut

2. Graffiti 6 – Stare Into The Sun

3. Public Enemy – Bring The Noise


5. White Rabbits –  Midnight And I

6. Billy Boy on Poison – Drive Me Insane

7. Bell Biv DeVoe WBBD – B.B.D. (I Thought It Was Me)? (DJ Mo Grind Time)

8. Oasis – Don’t Go Away

9.  Tears For Fears – Everybody Wants To Rule The World

10. Scala & Kolacny Brothers – Smells Like Teen Spirit

11.Teddybears feat. Cee Lo & B52’s – Cho Cha

12. Moka Only  – Moonburn

13. Cobra Starship – Middle Finger 3:32

14. Pink – Raise Your Glass

15.  Beth Ditto – I Wrote The Book – Original Mix

16.  Pantera –  Cowboys From Hell [Live]

17. Junior Boys – Parallel Lines

18. Fitz & the Tantrums – Don’t Gotta Work It Out

19. Antietam – Really the Blues

20. SebastiAn – Arabest

21. Lisa Stansfield – Just To Keep You Satisfied

22. Phil Collins – In the Air Tonight (Cosmo Black Remix)

23. OK Go – WTF?

24. Anthony Green – Can’t Be Satisfied (feat. Ida Maria)

PS.. I made a small boo boo with a song title.. actually it is the right song title in my rambles, just the wrong artist. Chaka Khan, my apologies, but Kanye’s sample of Through the Fire was one of the best samples of all time.. even if he did rename his track “Through the Wire..” Ok. Sleep time begins.. now..


Blogging is Fundamental. And So Are My Ears.

Welcome back to another round of “what is katdakid listening to exactly?” I’m just going to give you a list of what’s in rotation on my pod and on my stereo. All of these are KATAPPROVED so take note, give them a listen, and go for self. If you don’t like ’em, well, that’s your damage not mine. Enjoy.

And these are in no particular order, just splattered and scattered about, which is the way I like it.

1. Prey for Rock N’ Roll Soundtrack. Always a classic, preferably the title track.

2. The Cults. Self Entitled. They’re Killer. Never Filler. Try garage band meets the beach, set them up, and let them go. Especially the songs, Abducted and Go Outside. Great stuff. And organs. Who could go wrong with using organs?

3. Washed Out – Within and Without. Very dance-y but atmospheric and trancelike. Perfect for when you want to wind down after a hard day.

4. 311 – Universal Pulse. Same ol’ 311 but I’m not complaining. Rock on with a reggae type of vibe lying underneath. Still on their game after all of these years. Key song: Waitless

5. Hugo – Old Tyme Religion. Cosmic slop of goodness from rock, blues, r&b thrown in. Check out the title track, Bread and Butter, Born, and his own take on Jay-Z’s 99 Problems. Good stuff. Kinda has a John Lennon vibe too in his voice. Trust me. So so good.

6. Foster the People – Torches. Very upbeat and bouncy. I know it goes against my norm of loving indie bands. But I could easily blast this in my car put the top back in my convertible, if i had a convertible. Dance beats with drums. How can one go wrong? Key song: Warrant

7. London Elektricity – YIKES! REMIXES! This is the remix compilation to LE’s album Yikes.. (obvi) but it is good. Solid. Drum and bass. and Dance with swooping melodies. LE is just THE MAN right now for dance and drum and bass.

8. Ibiza 2011. I love compilations. Especially this one. Twenty five songs of non stop toe tapping music gold. I dare anyone sit still to this compilation while it’s playing. Key songs: The Music Speaks Louder than Words, Sax My Bitch Up, and Strange Love. But the whole comp. is off the knob!

9. A Tribe Called Quest – The Low End Theory. Classic hip hop. Lyrically and musically this is easily a no brainer for those looking for something to listen to and relax. Q-tip’s vocals are just on point, especially when being teamed with Ron Carter, bass man extraordinaire. This album is really a win win all around. Even if you are not a fan of hip hop, you will like this. Key songs: The whole thing. Jazz samples, drumbeats, and socially conscious lyrics. Charlie Sheen ain’t got nuthin’ on these guys. #Winning.

10. Swedish House Mafia – Until One. Just.. amaaaaaaaazing House. Trust me. I won’t even comment. You must listen to this. NOW. NOW I SAY!!

Ok. That’s a wrap.