Throwback Thursday: Heavy D’s “You Can’t See What I Can See”

I have become like parents.

I now know how they felt when they were complaining about my music in the 90s, which was among other comments, not as good as the music they grew up listening to blah blah blah.. I feel the same way they did then about rap music NOW. I’m a 90s kid. So I loved good rap music, which seems to be dwindling these days. So my throwback is a rarely heard song by Heavy D. And The Boyz called, “You Can’t See What I can See.” It was a b-side to their single “Don’t Curse.” In a time now where rappers can’t seem to find a belt to pull up their pathetic pants and drop the n word on a regular basis, it’s nice to be able to go back in the 90s golden era of rap and pull up this gem. Heavy was always clean cut, respected women, knew the meaning of a word “belt” and kept it kid friendly for the most part. Sure he got a little rough around the edges in trying to prove his street credibility, but he still threw down without insulting anyone as evident in this clip.

Rest in Peace Heavy D. You’re still missed. STILL. MISSED. Take note horrible rappers. This is how it’s done. My particularly favorite line? “Not Fred Flintstone but I’ll make your bed rock…”




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A Musical Loss

Music has been hit pretty hard as of late..

Just in the past month we lost of Chi Cheng, bassist of Deftones


Chris Kelly of Kris Kross

I chose this song because I know everyone and their mother remembers “Jump Jump” and while it IS a classic, I also wanted to give light to another hit.


and Jeff Hanneman of Slayer.


Tough loss for music fans everywhere. They will be missed. I’m not going to go into lengthy tributes because I’m sure you all have read your fair share. But the impact these three have made in music have affected me greatly. I hope they are resting in peace. And may their music continue to live on..



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