Blogging is Fundamental. So is Podcast #18. Christina, Pink, Faithless.. and More!

New Music Week…

The music nerd in me was thrilled at all the new releases this month. I could hardly contain myself. So here’s a new podcast full of goodies. Sit back, download, and enjoy..

P.S. Sorry for the sound when I start talking during the show.. still working on it.. just remember to turn it down when the music comes on.. OR just leave it on loudly and shake yer ass..


1. Numb But I Still Feel it. – Title Fight

2. Dreaming the Same Dream – No Doubt

3. Spit You Out – Skunk Anansie

4. Just Give Me A Reason – Pink

5. Swimming (Visionquest Remix) – Tracey Thorn

6. My Body – Christina Aguilera

7. Keep on Swinging – Rival Songs

8. Kill the DJ – Green Day

9. I Can Love – Vicci Martiniez

10. Mullohand Drive – Gaslight Anthem

11. Zodiac – Steed Lord

12. Like Sugar – Matchbox Twenty

13. Silver Age – Bob Mould

14. The Killing Type – Amanda Palmer

15. How to Live – Band of Horses

16. Fantasy (Feat. Ruckazoid) – Breakbot

17. You Used to Rock – Blue Six

18. Youth – Tilly and the Wall

19. Killer’ S Lullaby (Nightmares On Wax Mix) – Faithless

20. I Wish I Never Met You – Sam Sparro

21. Make Me Sad – The Embassy

22. Summer Jams – Corin Tucker Band

23. Teach Me How to Be Loved – Rebecca Ferguson

24. Closer – Tegan and Sara