Singles Is As Singles Do..

I thought I’d share a few singles with you. I’m a little late on the game with some of them, but man, they’re pretty kick ass for my ears.


Little Mix – Wings

I had never heard of Little Mix until two months ago but this song is just pop greatness. The four little ladies can sing. And their harmonies are great. Despite one that looks like Sooki, the voice trumps it lol. And I like the meaning behind the song, to keep on working hard and don’t let the naysayers put you down. And they love their mamas. Can’t hate on a band that loves their mamas! Way to go ladies. I hope they go far. I even like the band name. There is a cosmic slop of backgrounds involved in them all. So yeah, gooey pop wonderfulness.


Disclosure – Latch Feat. Sam Smith

My friend Marc got me into this band with another one of their singles. They have an album named Settle that will be dropped soon. But since I have connections, I have it and man is it faaaaaabulousss!! The dance, beat and melody in this song are just excellent. It is my go to song when I want to shake it. Great vocals, works well with the beat. Check them out please. So so amazing. And addictive. Sam Smith sounds a LOT like Sam Sparro but I am not disappointed at all. This vid is..wowsers.



I love what I’m hearing from this band. It’s a mix of Gold Fields, Garbage, and Paramore. I think if all three of them had a kid CHVRCHES would be the offspring. It’s synth heavy, drum heavy, and works perfectly with the vocals. I found out  Iain Cooke, who is part of the Unwinding Hours, a band I enjoy, is part of this band. Can’t go wrong. Check them out.


Just felt like sharing. Enjoy and pass it on.



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Podcast #24 And the Beat Goes On

Another podcast. Enjoy.

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Here’s the rundown…


Have fun. Or ignore. It’s fine.



Au Cinéma – Lianne La Havas

Absences – Miyazaki

She Wil – Savages

The Little Things – Matthew Ryan

Oblique City – Phoenix

Over the Love of You – Florence and the Machine

Top Rated – Icona Pop

Now I’m All Messed Up – Tegan and Sara

Numb (Feat. Eminem) – Rihanna

We Want Your Soul (Thomas Gold Remix) – Moguai

Lighting Bolt – Jake Bugg

Banging the Drum – Scream

Jane Doe – Alicia Keys

The Cartoonist – Wax Idols

Nothing Matters – Tricky

Powerless (feat. Becky Hill) – Rudimental

For Anyone – Beady Eye

Alright – Kris Kross



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He’s Gatsby, but not necessarily “GREAT.”




I was never a fan of the book The Great Gatsby. When I heard that there was going to be another movie made, I thought two things:

1. Leo DiCaprio would be great as Gatsby.

2. The soundtrack should be interesting..

I should have made a bet on this.. would have made a killing.

I listened to the soundtrack yesterday. Thought I’d share a few thoughts. Overall it’s a solid album. There is something for everyone on this and that’s always a good thing. Jay-Z was the supervisor on the album so I knew there would be talk of money, power, fame, yada yada yada on it. And again, I was right. Although I do remember the centerpiece of TGG was money and where it got you back then in the 20s.. kinda like now decades later. But he has enough experience to know that you have to please so many for a soundtrack and for a movie of this caliber. Variety is the spice of life.

Sadly the weakest tracks are by himself and his wife, Beyonce’. He opens the album with 100$ Bills, a song pretty much, illustrating just that. He’s Jay-Z. He is rich. He has more money than God. He really could have phoned this in. He might have. He infused excepts from the movie I guess to be a focal point. The beat sounds like it stops and starts but never has any real pick up and go. Honestly it sounds like a throw away track.

The other downside of the album is the cover of Back to Black, the Amy Winehouse hit, performed by Andre 3000 and Beyonce’. I don’t understand why this song had to be covered. And if it absolutely HAD to be done, Andre could have been eliminated. His voice isn’t melodic at all.. It sounded as if it was spoken word with a beat. I can’t really believe Jay-Z would allow this version to be brought to the forefront. Not even Beyonce could have saved this, despite her trying. Andre ruined it for everyone..

A few standouts: 1.Fergie’s “A Little Party Never Killed Anybody” Featuring Q-Tip. A mix of old and new, Fergie’s powerful voice works perfectly with the dance trend of pop music mixed with old school big band sounds. Q-Tip’s rhyme is on point as usual. Glad he’s back.

2. Jay redeems himself by adding Church in the Wild, his collaboration with Kanye West and Frank Ocean. That ridiculously infectious intro beat will stick in you head for hours after you hear it. It was a standout from his Watch the Throne album and it’s just as good with this compilation. My theory behind adding this song was that Gatsby was the young buck in the

3. Florence and the Machine shows up twice with Over the Love and Over the Love (Of You). Nothing new here. Her haunting voice reigns supreme over the tracks. If you love Florence, you will love these..

4. I really enjoyed the song Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey. The words trigger an emotional roller coaster even though her voice doesn’t really. My favorite line “Will you still love me when I’ve got nothing but my aching soul. I know you will. I know you will. Will you still love me when I’m no longer beautiful?” This and Fergie’s song are probably my two favorites. I think many of you will strike a chord with Lana’s selection because when you are with someone you love those two questions are always in the back of your mind. You want to feel young and beautiful forever and you want the person who loves you to love you no. Matter. What. Beauty fades but love is supposed to last forever. Supposedly. It’s a lingering feeling that we all hope at one point goes away and you trust that love trumps all.

Emeli Sande’s big band sounding version of Crazy in Love (by Beyonce’ for those living under a rock) sounded so much like Bey I had to look at the title to make sure it wasn’t.. Of course the beat was different, but the similarity in Emeli’s voice to Bey’s is very eerie.

What I enjoyed the most about the soundtrack was how it flowed.. the latter part of the album flowed very nicely from one song into the next. Very mellow but still pretty nice. I am assuming it goes with the theme of the movie. Still not as good as the Romeo and Juliet Soundtrack but the flow was the same. Powerful voices singing about love and loss and stability. Can’t go wrong.

One downside: Excerpts from the movie. I hate that. Jay could have added another song instead of excerpts. Such a waste of time.

Overall, I approve. It wasn’t perfect, but it was definitely solid.


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What I’m Listening To…

I hear crickets. But that’s not all I’m listening to.

Check out my current picks. Or not. It’s not like it matters..but I find them quite entertaining.



1. JUSTICE – Access All Arenas: a live album made to watch yourself shaking your ass. If you’re lucky.

2. Miyazaki – Color of Glass: Sound landscapes with haunting melodies and weird vocal arrangements.. total headphone record.

3. Matthew Ryan – Regret Over the Wires: Scruffy voice mixed with minimal production singing about tales of love, life, and sadness.

4.Mark Kozelek & Jimmy Lavalle – Perils from the Sea: Electronic beats backing up a very sad voice. Get ready for the waterworks..although the music behind the sadness is downright beautiful.

5. Five – Five : Too many fives.. a happy accident. This boy band from the late 90s has now reunited. One of them must be broke. So I took the opportunity to relive my fangirl Brit boy band days. Pure pop goodness.

6. Carmen Villian – Sleeper: LOUD LOUD LOUD. No coffee needed here..

7. Elew-Rockjazz vol. 2: Elew brings new covers to life VIA PIANO.. Yup. Amazeballs.

8. Kavinsky – Outrun: He made his name as one of the artists from the Drive soundtrack. This album continues the same flow, moody, dark, and electronic undertones with creepy voices in the background. Perfect riding music. At night. Away from zombies!

9. Little Boots – Nocturnes: FINALLY Little Boots’ new one full of style, pizazz, and dance hands. Same as jazz hands but bouncier.

That’s a wrap. If you read this, thanks.. if not, your loss..




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A Musical Loss

Music has been hit pretty hard as of late..

Just in the past month we lost of Chi Cheng, bassist of Deftones


Chris Kelly of Kris Kross

I chose this song because I know everyone and their mother remembers “Jump Jump” and while it IS a classic, I also wanted to give light to another hit.


and Jeff Hanneman of Slayer.


Tough loss for music fans everywhere. They will be missed. I’m not going to go into lengthy tributes because I’m sure you all have read your fair share. But the impact these three have made in music have affected me greatly. I hope they are resting in peace. And may their music continue to live on..



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