John Newman. Where Have You Been All of My Life?

I don’t know if any of you have heard of this young man, John Newman. He’s English, from Settles. He’s ONLY 23 years old but he has a soulful voice of someone a whole lot older. He’s probably known more overseas than he is here. I first heard of John on an album called Home, by a band named Rudimental. He was on two tracks, Feel The Love, and Not Giving In. I was instantly hooked. I never forgot his name. Imagine my surprise when I realized just LAST WEEK, that he already had a solo album released called, Tribute. I immediately had to find it.

His sound is a mixture of r&b, dance, big band, with a side of tambourines. Like I said John has a soulfully, scowling, rough voice. He sounds like he’s been around the block a few times in his young age. And his songs illustrate the trials and tribulations of life in regards to love and survival. I’m just really mad at myself for not knowing about his album before now. But, better late than never. He sings about his fear of being alone, and his fear of love, and his fear of loneliness more than anything else. He wants to love, but is scared, and he’s afraid of being lonely. I know that probably strikes a chord with many of us. He sings about how nothing in life is what it seems and whoever told you life is easy pretty much lied. Wise words from a youngster. He’s torn between trying to move on with life, and holding onto to his thoughts that could hold him back. The whole album is just fantastic. If you want to dance, he’s got something for everyone. For those who want thought provoking, he’s got something for you too. It’s not juat a bob your head record. Some of the standouts are Gold Dust, Easy, Try, and my particular favorite Losing Sleep – a track about dealing with someone loving him, and he doesn’t want to lose that love – and feels lost when the love isn’t there with him – so much that it keeps him up. “Please don’t stop loving me, loving me, wanting me, wanting me, like you do. Running from the dark but I just hide. Dreading sundown I’m dreading the night. I need back here because it feels so wrong.” You just want to yell at whoever he’s singing to, “Can’t you SEE he’s pouring his heart out??” Any man who can’t sleep over the one he loves, sign me up. He’s a keeper. He’s just wants love. And who doesn’t?

So I’ll leave you with this from “Down the Line”: I want to run into the light, and leave the dark behind. I want to break the chains of life, with you right by my side. Considering I’m a pessimist when it comes to love, he almost makes me think love is possible with a fresh start.


So I implore you earbuds of mine near and far, give the man a chance. I think you won’t regret it.






Oh, and Happy Turksgiving. Gobble Gobble!



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