March 2020 Podcast: Old and New..with Lionel Richie

FeaturedMarch 2020 Podcast: Old and New..with Lionel Richie

As the old school song states, “Where do I begin?” I must admit. It’s been hard for me to make podcasts lately. Life is just a never ending steam of disappointments with a shimmer of good happening for me. But moreso bad than good mentally. It’s been a real struggle to enjoy things for long periods of time. And now the corona virus isn’t helping my mental state either. But, since we’ve all been quarantined, I’m forcing myself to try to get back to things I enjoyed. I can’t say whether or not I will make another podcast after this one. I will just take life as it goes and if I feel up to it, I will do it. It’s not like people listened a lot anyway so it’s not like there is a need for another person playing music when there are so many other podcasts better than mine.

But there I go again. Sorry about that. Anyhooters, here is a new one for you. Listen. Don’t. It’s there for whoever wants to consume. Thanks to anyone who does. And if you pass it, then that’s fine too.

Listen or download here –>March 2020 Podcast

Intro Song: The Regrettes – A Living Human Girl

1. Pearl Jam – Alright
2. Demi Lovato – I Love Me
3. The Weeknd – Until I Bleed Out
5. Circa Waves – Be Your Drug
6. Lizzo – Water Me
7. Janet Jackson – Make Me
8. Dana Dane – This Be the Def Beat
9. Beyonce’ – Don’t Hurt Yourself
10. R.E.M. – Driver 8
11. The Killers – The Man
12. Karyn White – Secret Rendezvous
13. Eddie Money – Take Me Home Tonight
14. Childish Gambino – Under the Sun
15. Harry Styles – Watermelon Sugar
16. Kygo & Whitney Houston – Higher Love
17. Phantogram – Pedestal
18. Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk
19. Brandy – I Wanna Be Down Remix


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Podcast #23 All Killer, No Filler. At All. Not One Bit..

Hello musical heathens,

It’s March. Winter won’t leave. I’m fine with that. And here’s another round of music to keep you preoccupied. You KNOW you wanna listen, so treat yourself and do so!

Download here

Stream it Here 

Listen. Enjoy. Broaden the mind! And rock on!!!

Here’s the lineup:


Something’s Gotta Give – OneRepublic

Tunnel Vision – Justin Timberlake

Are You There Sweetheart? – Kate Nash

Dinner For Two – David Byrne & St. Vincent

Progress – Stars

Last Dance – Rhye

80’s Comedown Machine – The Strokes

House of Balloons / Glass Table Girls – The Weeknd

Letting Go Of Will – Rndm

Shine – Wild Belle

All I Can Do – A Fragile Tomorrow

Stay feat. Tim Fuller – Fred Everything

Jesus – Amos Lee

Secret To The End – Depeche Mode

Runnin’ Around – Rilo Kiley

Ride On / Right On – Phosphorescent

Something Good – Alt-J

Crashed Out – Beach Fossils


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